Oil & Gas

High-performance Computing Systems

Tecnologika’s high performance computer systems offer reliable high-bandwidth, stable systems needed for industries such as oil and gas. Tecnologika’s efficient, high-performance computing systems offer the best in leading edge technology for the oil and gas industries. Our IT infrastructure solutions can provide low-latency connections between thousands of multi-processor nodes as well as high-speed storage systems. When you’re running essential tasks such as offshore drilling, you absolutely need stable and fast systems in order to accurately process massive amounts of data. Tecnologika managed services can offer:

Systems Review

Expert analysis of the IT system’s current performance and the requirements for replacing low-performance or proprietary systems.

Leading edge technology

Fast execution of intensive tasks such as climate research, molecular modelling, physical simulations, geophysical modelling, seismic testing, financial modelling, data mining and more through parallel processing.

Reliable IT Infrastructure

Sustained performance via computer clustering and nodular processing, increasing productivity and flexibility.

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