Who We Work With

Cutting edge and best of breed IT infrastructure for the world’s largest data-use sectors

Tecnologika focus on supplying high performance industries such as high frequency traders, with IT solutions and infrastructure to give their business a competitive edge.

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure we not only provide the right level of technology to meet your needs, but we use our creative thinking and industry foresight to exceed your brief and provide you with the best service addressing potentially unseen issues, driving growth in your company, and keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Industries we support


Financial Services

Since our inception, we’ve successfully supplied and deployed low-latency trading infrastructure to the capital markets, helping them to work faster and smarter.

Tecnologika supply technology for high frequency trading firms in the Financial Industry


Big Data & High Performance Computing

At Tecnologika we’re experts in aggregating computing power delivering high performance technology and helping customers react to market trends.

Tecnologika can provide managed services for Big Data firms to maximise their technology efficiencies


Oil & Gas

Tecnologika’s high performance computer systems offer reliable high-bandwidth, stable systems needed for industries such as oil and gas.

Tecnologika offer High performance computer systems to the Oil and Gas industry


Online Gaming

Our managed services include high end infrastructure essential for the gaming industry, enabling your customers to have seamless experience.

Tecnologika support online gaming infrastructure with our managed services solutions


Digital and Creative

Tecnologika offer expert server and systems kit for the local hosting of your creative teams work. Our systems offer stable, easily managed and secure channels for your team to work.

Tecnologika can offer reliable services for creative industries looking for secure storage solutions

At Tecnologika, we work in partnership with our customers in order to not only meet your brief, but also exceed your expectations. We provide IT infrastructure that really drives profit. We’re experts in supply chain management and have key technology vendor relationships which enable us to supply our systems quickly at the benefit of our customers.

Contact us and learn more about how our managed services can help grow your business.