RedHat is a leader in Open Source and new Storage technologies.

Red Hat Storage Server for On-Premise

Forget the need for costly proprietary storage systems with Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise and achieve benefits such as unlimited scalability in your datacenter or on-premise data cloud, cost-effectiveness, and customized design for high-performance for wide range of workloads.

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualisation

Transform your trapped data into an easily consumable, unified, and actionable information with Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization – a virtual data integration solution that makes spread of information clean and organized.

Discover the full potential of your data assets and be able to improve utilization, acquire more value from existing hardware and storage investments, and complement existing technologies.

Software as an Unlimited Source of Storage

Software storage solutions and Virtual storage infrastructures can be used as alternatives to existing hardware storage. Scalability, availability and flexibility, live migration, easy deployment and high standard data protection are the key features for the RedHat storage portfolio.


OpenStack is the largest and fastest-growing open source cloud infrastructure platform. It provides a massively scalable framework for your organization to build an automated, private Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS) cloud, based on standard x86 hardware. OpenStack enables your business to deploy an on-premise cloud infrastructure, delivering similar functionality to an external cloud service provider while maintaining control of your infrastructure.

Overcome Physical Storage Issues

The Red Hat storage server is capable of overcoming the issues of physical storage such as rigidity, fixed hardware and complexity in the management of storage systems; it ensures instant availability and mobility of data in a global cloud environment.

Utilise Existing Cloud Services

RedHat Public Cloud Server is the only storage software infrastructure which runs on Amazon web services (AWS). It creates a virtualised storage pool which is able to scale on demand to gigabyte/second of throughput and Petabytes of capacity.

Buy From RedHat Experts

RedHat products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. RedHat only works with companies who have demonstrated dedication to growth and customer success. As a RedHat reseller, our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to RedHat’s team of highly skilled pre and post-sale engineers and evaluation stock for proof of concepts.

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