NetApp is a leading provider of data storage solutions and data management systems.

NetApp High-Performance Disk Drives

Optimize your capacity, improve completion and increase adaptability with a choice of NetApp’s full range of high-capacity, high-performance and self-encrypting disk drives plus ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs).

    • Work across all FAS and V-Series storage platforms
    • Improve performance with flash
    • Increase security
    • Obtain error recovery and resiliency

Adapt Faster to Your Changing Business Needs

With the help of the FAS8000 Series storage systems your organization can now adapt quicker to changing business requirements whilst still providing your core storage needs for optimal uptime and profitability.

Ultra Low-Latency

Achieve great execution, reliability, and availability to submillisecond latency speed with the NetApp EF550 flash array, specifically designed for performance-driven applications.
Some of the NetApp EF550 features:

    • Achieve greater speed
    • Increase IT expertise
    • Detect and resolve issues fast and efficiently
    • Protect against data loss and downtime
    • Replicate data to either an EF550 or NetApp E-Series system
    • Leverage the enterprise-proven SANtricity software platform

High Capacity Infrastructure for All Datacenter Needs

Tecnologika provide pre-sales support, implementation as well as post-sales support for the complete NetApp portfolio. Regardless of whether you have a transactional application or a data demanding business the FAS, E series and V series guarantee high level data integrity, density, scalability and security.

Increase Existing Storage Infrastructure

NetApp® V-Series open storage controllers provide leading data protection, data management, and storage efficiency. Use your existing SAN infrastructure with the V-series platform to optimize your existing storage array.

Buy from NetApp Experts

Tecnologika’s expertise deploying NetApp storage systems allow us to help you select, deploy and achieve the optimum storage performance for your IT business needs. Independently of the size of your datacenter and your storage requirements speak to Tecnologika about NetApp storage systems and allow us to provide you with the best solution.

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